How To Fix wp_booster Error in WordPress

WP_Booster is something that owned by a Newspaper theme from Tagdiv. And if you are facing this problem then what we need to fix is something in the theme settings.

How To Fix wp_booster error
wp_booster error message

The wp_booster Error message I get when I add CPT UI with default template, here how to fix this.

Problem Source :

In my case, this nontification show because default template for cpt ui is not provide featured image. I just not need that featured image for my post so i hide it on Newspaper theme settings. Then the problem show on worpdress post with error nontif like this td-wp-booster-error in you use Newspaper Default Template.

SOLVED ! wp_booster Error message

How To Fix wp_booster Error in WordPress

Correct Solution

  1. Create New Cloud Template for your Post Article
  2. You can create blank template then modify it as you like
  3. or, Easy way is use Pre-designed Templates from tagDiv Cloud Library for Single templates (Article/Post)
  4. Make your new Cloud Template as Default (Global)
  5. Now your Post will not show wp_booster Error message anymore

Simple Solution (This Not Fix)

If you want easy way here to fix this problem easily, only hide wp_booster Error message with CSS.

Just go to Custom Code on Template Setting

Add this CSS Code

    display: none;

Save and clear cache

Now error nontification gone form my post newspaper theme

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