How to Remove Creation Club Content in Skyrim AE

Skyrim Anniversary Edition is a DLC of the popular role-playing video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim special edition, released in November 2021 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original game. It includes the base game, all official add-ons, and over 500 pieces elements of content from 75 Creation Club, a curated collection of mods created by professional developers and artists. Skyrim Anniversary Edition offers enhanced graphics, gameplay, and immersion for both new and returning players who want to experience the epic fantasy world of Tamriel.

How to Get Skyrim Anniversary Edition

  • If you already own Skyrim Special Edition, you can upgrade to the Anniversary Edition for a discounted price on Steam, PlayStation Store, or Microsoft Store. Discounts may only exist at certain time events and can disappear at any time.
  • If you do not own Skyrim Special Edition, you can buy the Anniversary Edition as a standalone product on Steam, PlayStation Store, or Microsoft Store. You will get access to all the content included in the Special Edition and the Anniversary Edition.

The Anniversary Edition is compatible with existing save files and mods from the Special Edition, so you can continue your adventure without any issues. However, some mods may conflict with the Creation Club content, so you may need to disable or update them accordingly. You can also disable any Creation Club content that you do not want to use from the in-game menu.

Uninstall Content Mod on Skyrim Anniversary Edition

If you want to delete only one or some of the content in creation club for Skyrim AE we can use a trick to do it. There is a lot of content installed in Skyrim Anniversary Edition, we can see the list on the uesp website as a reference.

  1. Define what content you want to remove from the creations club.
  2. Find out the file name for the content via web uesp.
  3. Delete or move the file from the skyrim game data folder.
  4. That way the content will not be loaded into the game again when we play it.

Disable All Skyrim Anniversary Edition

For those who previously owned Skyrim SE and upgraded to AE, when enter the game, we will immediately download the club mod content creation automatically. However there are some users who report needing to manually download the content creation club.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition

In the Creation Club menu, users have the option to download and install only, but there is no option to delete or deactivate it. Bethesda provides a way to fully enable or disable the content creation club included in the Anniversary Edition in the manner described on the official website.

Uninstall Content Creation All Skyrim Anniversary Edition
  1. For Steam users, open the Skyrim Game, right-click and select Properties.
  2. Select the DLC menu and uncheck Anniversary Edition if you don’t want to use Creation Club.
Uninstall Content Creation All Skyrim Anniversary Edition

This is the only official way that Bethesda provides to enable or disable club content creation. To disable one mod creation club or just some content, we can use the method described above.

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